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Commitment to Safety

From day one, SoloPower Systems has cultivated a culture that focuses on the health and safety of our dedicated employees. This important core value embodies every aspect of how we conduct our business — from educating our workforce in industry and job-specific best practices, to establishing policies that ensure the overall well-being of our employees, to adhering to regulations that protect people and the environment.

This commitment ensures that our health, safety and other workplace standards are in compliance with all legislated regulations and laws. SoloPower firmly believes that every person should be treated with respect and dignity; to that end, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy for any form of physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal abuse or harassment of our employees.

Respect for the environment is another cultural focus here at SoloPower. As befits a company committed to providing cleaner, renewable energy, we uphold all federal, state and local environmental laws. Moreover, SoloPower takes proactive steps to sustain and protect our environment by conserving energy, minimizing and properly managing waste, and stewarding environmental restoration.

Safety Commitment

Download SoloPower's Safety Commitment policy and overview document.

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