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Solar Solutions

Central to SoloPower System’s solutions, our process produces a solar product that allows for a wide range of applications with the highest conversion efficiencies. Our photovoltaic cells, uniquely fabricated by depositing Copper Indium Gallium di Selenide (CIGS) in a proprietary electrochemical process, owe their flexibility to a light-gauge, robust foil substrate that is resistant to breakage and ensures seamless integration into many versatile applications.

At SoloPower, we are continually driving innovation, lowering costs and increasing efficiency. We deposit our photovoltaic cells onto a thin, flexible foil in a high-throughput, high-yield roll-to-roll process. SoloPower’s CIGS technology — widely recognized as the first thin-film photovoltaic technology capable of reaching electrical grid parity — enables production of highly efficient solar cells that provide high voltage, quality carrier collection, and high conversion efficiency. This is accomplished at a fraction of the cost of silicon-based devices and alternative CIGS technologies, because nearly one hundred percent of all materials are utilized.

The SoloPower Advantage

  • Continuous manufacturing process with high throughput using low-cost equipment
  • Excellent compositional control across the web
  • High material utilization
  • Minimal waste generation


Worldwide, there is a growing demand for cleaner and sustainable energy solutions. Government and business entities are able to offset energy expenses and generate income by capitalizing on valuable and underutilized assets — rooftops, unused urban areas, open pastureland — with expansive solar installations. Converting rooftop space, in particular, presents structural, mechanical and aesthetic challenges. SoloPower’s lightweight, flexible solutions are easy to install, less obtrusive, and require less operation and maintenance over the life of the system. While our thin-film photovoltaic devices are ideal for lightweight structures or buildings incapable of supporting traditional heavy glass panels, the opportunity also exists to integrate solar modules into structures with more complicated configurations.


Imagine: solar roofing solutions for commercial buildings, solar shingles for residential use, solar coverings for landfills and reservoirs, and solar integrated into windows and facades…our diverse product offerings are designed for many applications that exist today, and many more to come. In our minds, the integration possibilities are limitless — and SoloPower imagination and innovation will continue to meet the challenge of cost-effectively integrating PV to power the world.