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SoloPower Systems Moves Forward with Ramp-up of Manufacturing Activities

Portland, Oregon-based SoloPower Systems—which last year acquired the unique SoloPower™ CIGS technology from California tech start-up SoloPower Inc.—announced today that it is proceeding with the ramp up of manufacturing operations at its Portland facility.

Systems’ President Rob Campbell stated, “We now have the team and resources in place and are pleased to announce the ramp up of our high volume production facility along with the advancement of our technology roadmap and the implementation of global sales and partnership agreements. Our proprietary SoloPower™ technology and ultra light weight flexible CIGS PV products serve many new and underserved markets. Along with our previously announced partnership with CTI Co. in South Korea we look forward to fulfilling our robust and diverse sales pipeline in Europe, the MENA, the Americas and Australasia”.

About SoloPower Systems:
SoloPower Systems is a photovoltaic technology company specializing in the design, manufacture and deployment of CIGS flexible thin-film technology. Further information about SoloPower Systems can be found at www.SoloPower.com.


For all media and press inquiries, please contact SoloPower Systems: