SoloPower Advantage

The SoloPower Advantage lies in a unique approach to manufacturing technology.
SoloPower’s proprietary electrochemical process for CIGS solar cell formation is uniquely differentiated from Si-based PV and alternate thin film PV technologies. SoloPower technology enables the cost-effective fabrication of devices that yield high voltage, good carrier collection and high conversion efficiency.

The SoloPower electroplating method provides near 100% materials utilization in a low cost, roll-to-roll process. High materials utilization and low cost equipment coupled with high efficiency cells with extremely thin active layers result in substantial competitive advantage to SoloPower technology over alternative materials and techniques.
Some of the key advantages of the SoloPower approach are:

  1. Capability to deposit films on large areas as well as a variety of shapes and forms
  2. Continuous processing with high throughput using low cost equipment
  3. Excellent compositional control
  4. High material utilization
  5. Minimal waste generation

SoloPower’s unique and proprietary technology is a major break-through in low-cost, high-quality, high-volume manufacturing and commercialization of CIGS-based photovoltaics.

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