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SoloBucket™ is a portable power plant easily deployed in a 25l bucket. Featuring state-of-the-art flexible PV technology complete with battery storage, lights and accessories.

SoloBucket™ is a unique system packing maximum power into a small, lightweight container which can be transported with ease, setup with ease and packed up with ease. In under 10kg, the system features a powerful CIGS SoloPower SP1 solar panel capable of producing power in almost all daylight conditions at any angle, a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery and a host of power options. Use the included DC lights, connect any 12VDC appliance or connect a DC/AC inverter to supply power to AC devices.

SoloPower® SoloBucket

Designed and manufactured in USA

SoloBucket™ Spec Sheet

For full product specifications, please download the SoloPower® SoloBucket™ Spec Sheet

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