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Commitment to Quality

We hold our products to the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness, which is proven by our rigorous testing methods and use of progressive, precise technologies.

This powerful adherence to quality principles is also evident in our business practices, services and partner relationships. What’s more, SoloPower Systems proudly encourages employee ownership and excellence, thus creating an environment that fosters innovation while also ensuring technical conformance. SoloPower’s corporate-wide quality commitment shines through in every aspect of our business.


  • Our Customers: We focus on your needs to ensure that your voice is reflected in every solar module we produce and in every decision that affects your project.
  • Our Leadership: From our C-suite executives to our shift managers and field supervisors, SoloPower management supports quality as the highest priority.
  • Our Employees: We believe that ownership of quality principles throughout the organization adds value to our workplace and our products.
  • Our Products: Corporately and individually, SoloPower strives to effectively ensure product quality end-to-end — from incoming materials to shipped modules.
  • Our Partners: We invest time in building trustworthy relationships with our suppliers, with a goal of developing strong long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Our Process: SoloPower is marked by a relentless drive to continually improve in all aspects of our manufacturing and business systems. This commitment includes timely correction of known product or processing defects as well as swift preventive actions to eliminate potential problems before they occur.
  • Our Standards: We enforce strict adherence to all applicable codes, regulations and safety requirements. In addition, SoloPower takes seriously our responsibility to respect and care for our world by committing to sound environmental practices.