SoloPower Systems is advancing the possibilities of solar power integration. Our extensive Research & Development program is designed to maximize the ways in which solar energy can be applied and used; we’re realizing applications previously deemed impossible. This is not theory: Our proprietary, electrochemistry-based technology has been lab-proven, field-tested, and is hard at work in commercial installations throughout the world.

We’re advancing the work of “thin-film” photovoltaic pioneers, thereby enabling increased affordability and widespread product integration. Moreover, our proven technology overcomes the product weaknesses of other thin-film solar modules — offering true flexibility for an impressive range of applications. Today we are integrating our lightweight thin-film photovoltaic devices into buildings that have never before been able to utilize solar energy due to the considerable weight of traditional glass panels. But times are changing quickly, and opportunities to integrate solar modules into less predictable applications are becoming increasingly possible — and SoloPower will be there to advance those opportunities.


Imagine: solar roofing solutions for commercial buildings, solar shingles for residential use, solar covers for landfills and reservoirs, and solar integrated into windows and building facades. SoloPower is driven to continuing the advance of solar technology while also meeting the challenge of powering the world at a realistic cost. In our minds, integration is limitless; consider cars, trucks, trains, recreational vehicles and other personal and industrial electronic devices — all “plugged in” to draw from the sun’s abundant energy. Imagine a day when the world seamlessly utilizes solar power to improve our quality of life. That’s integration at work and SoloPower will be there delivering the solutions to make it happen.

SoloPower’s technology has the potential to take what began decades ago with a simple calculator to full-scale solar integration. We are at the forefront of this advancement, and with the advent of our new, high-volume manufacturing center in Portland, Oregon, we’ve reaffirmed our commitment to scaling capacity and driving efficiencies to record highs. The future is just beginning.