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Commercial & Industrial Solutions

The SoloPower Systems management team has over 50 years of combined industry experience in PV technology integration for commercial applications. Like you, we occupy the commercial and industrial space; we understand the many facets and complexities of building materials as well as the building envelope. SoloPower has the technological expertise, the fluency and the experience required to understand your needs and to deliver high-quality, building-integrated photovoltaic solutions for your high-profile projects.

We specialize in innovative, industry-leading products and services for commercial/industrial rooftops as well as specialty ground-mount applications. Our unique product form factor allows for ease of integration into a variety of construction materials, membranes and metal roofing systems.

The key to SoloPower’s success is our streamlined, state-of-the-art operation located in Portland, Oregon, which enables us to achieve efficiencies in both our manufacturing processes and pricing structure. You reap the benefits of this quality-value imperative in the field, as well. We strive to match the superior quality of our solar modules with construction best practices to ensure the optimal combination of efficiency and long-term system integrity.

We are experts in all aspects of the building envelope and our technical engineers are dedicated to meeting your organization’s needs. Further, we partner with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers to develop and deploy only the best-in-class integration techniques for non-penetrating installations specific to your site.