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Engineering & Design

Our customers appreciate that SoloPower Systems’ thin-film solar power systems can be seamlessly and inconspicuously integrated into a broad spectrum of commercial applications.

But the true beauty of our design begins with our Copper Indium Gallium di Selenide (CIGS) cells. While SoloPower’s unique electroplate process is no small achievement, the real fun begins when 150,000 CIGS cells are cut from our continuous roll of photovoltaic material that measures more than a mile long.

These cells are interconnected utilizing our proprietary “shingled” process, which eliminates the use of bussing ribbons and increases module aperture efficiency. The interconnected strings are then protected with bypass diodes and processed in our proprietary polymer package.

Our lightweight and flexible module laminate design features a proprietary front sheet, metalized back sheet and butyl-based edge seal. Combined, these materials effectively inhibit hygroscopic transmission — reliably protecting the cells over the life of the module. Its dimensions, power ratings and voltage characteristics provide for maximum power and voltage alignment with the inverter and balance-of-system components. Optimizing the module’s performance makes electrical engineering of field strings simpler. Furthermore, the single-pole, junction-box configuration is designed to minimize string cabling and allow for more flexible installation designs and layouts.

For more detailed information, please refer to SoloPower’s Product Specification Sheets: SF1, SP1, SP3L, and SP3S.