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Evaluation & Proof

The power of our products is evident in their integrity. From day one, our singular focus has been to achieve unrivaled performance and reliability. To maintain our position as an industry innovator and leader, SoloPower Systems will continue to maintain rigorous quality control while pursuing continuous, data-driven improvement in both lab and field operations.


We’ve re-imagined a statement by Mae West to illustrate a vitally important power principle: It’s not simply the products in your life that matters; it’s the life in your products.

Industry-wide expectations for solar cells and modules are high, and SoloPower® is positioned to meet and exceed them. Therefore, to ensure total product integrity — including performance, durability and reliability — we have developed, and continually refine, a robust internal testing regimen. We use rigorous life-cycle testing standards to estimate the life of our products, and we invest in our technology solutions even further by actually developing and validating their true performance. That’s why our customers can expect SoloPower product design to exceed our standard 25-year power performance warranty requirements.

*All products conform to UL standard 1703 and IEC standards 61646 & 61730.


While the sun is obviously the source of our power, it’s important to state that the strength of our products and partners is in full force twenty-four hours a day — rain or shine. Because of our technology’s high-absorption coefficient, you can be confident that SoloPower solar systems will deliver reliable performance, whatever the weather, consistently from the moment they are installed. In fact, our SCE Pomona test site confirms irradiance, power and efficiency at five-minute data intervals — demonstrating that SoloPower technology delivers expected power and efficiency on cloudy days too.

At SoloPower, reliability and consistency is truly the foundation of our success and your satisfaction. Our reference site installations continue to validate strong overall performance of energy generated per unit area. And, of great significance, our CIGS-based modules prove to have the highest power density as compared to other technologies. In addition, our lightweight, non-penetrating product design promises rapid installation. The combination of low installed cost and high power density results in a low levelized cost of energy and superior financial returns for system owners.

Irradiance Conclusion:
Flex module array shows good performance from low irradiance < 200 W/m2 to high irradiance.